wolf's den
saturday 12th may, 2001
goodness. if you're wondering why the site hasn't been updated in so damn long, it's because i've been working on my php/mysql-driven website at http://virtualwolf.dhs.org/. i'll likely migrate this design over to that site once it's working properly.

sunday 22nd april, 2001
w00t...had my 18th birthday party last night. was much fun :)

the music section has been updated.

tuesday 17th april, 2001
a new addition to the überpr0n section: aki kawamura, plus more pictures of britney spears and sung hi lee.

the music section has been updated.

the news archives section is still on its way ;)

saturday 14th april, 2001
new desktop! this one features apple's powerbook g4.

i'm going to add a news archives section soon :)

thursday 12th april, 2001
i have created another desktop; this one is called 'forest'. check it out.

sunday 8th april, 2001
added a new subsection to the files page: a guestbook!

monday 26th march, 2001
woops. screwed the link on the überpr0n to the second nicola willoughby pic. its fixed now.

thursday 22nd march, 2001
woooo! the final version of macosx comes out tomorrow :D~

monday 19th march, 2001
ok, my macosx desktop has been updated, and looks much better now.

i've also added three pics of nicola willoughby to the überpr0n section.

monday 19th march, 2001
my macosx desktop pic will be getting an update later today. i'm just waiting on a friend to send me the proper font apple uses (apple garamond). and i've removed the url from the bottom, and gotten rid of the very thin white border that is around the x.

sunday 18th march, 2001
woo, wolf's den is now officially online :)

friday 16th march, 2001
this is the most-likely-finished version of the site. so have a poke around and see if anything is broken :)