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powerbook the powerbook g4. 'nuff said.
forest i created this desktop while i was in a somewhat reflective mood. enjoy.
macosx this is a desktop picture i created to go with macos x. (the big giant X is © apple computer inc. used without permission.)
utbonuspack4 the two characters in this desktop are from the unreal tournament bonus pack 4. they looked so damn awesome i decided to make a desktop featuring them. so here it is :)
marathontrilogy i used the original startup screens of the marathon trilogy to create this. the text is new (i created it, using the originals as a guide) but the symbols are copied and pasted straight out of the game.
earth i got this picture from ars technica. most impressive! (the original picture was 6400x3200!!)
starcraft this collage was created using some of the artwork from blizzard's website. (all images are © blizzard entertainment. used without permission.)
ueg a slick looking logo i created. the basic shape was created in illustrator, then pasted into a photoshop document where all the details were added.