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Marathon Maps

Various Marathon netmaps I've created. (A complete list can be obtained from the Archives)

Apocalypse Net Pack
(Marathon EVIL Only)
The Apocalypse Net Pack contains two maps: Tornado and Tempest. Tempest is a large netmap, supporting all netmodes. Tornado is more of an arena-style netmap, with a large central area containing the Hill. Both maps support all netmodes and up to 8 players.
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(112 Kb)
First Strike
(Marathon EVIL Only)
First Strike is based extremely loosely on Mystic Base from my Mystic Map Pack. Its a large-sized netmap, with support for up to 8 players and all netmodes. There are aliens for solo romping.
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(117 Kb)
Kill Frenzy
(Marathon EVIL Only)
Kill Frenzy is a medium-large sized arena-style netmap. It supports all netmodes, and up to 8 players. Aliens are included, and their behaviours have been modified somewhat.
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(46 Kb)
Wheel of Evil
(Marathon EVIL Only)
Wheel of Evil is a very large 8-player netmap. It includes oodles of aliens for solo romping, and I don't suggest playing this multiplayer with less than about 6 players, unless you turn aliens on ;) Wheel of Evil supports all netmodes except King of the Hill.
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(75 Kb)
Blood and Steel
(Tempus Irae Only)
(Description taken from the Archives) : A very nice large arena, with a fast-moving peripheral ring. Two rechargers in the center, but if your opponents are any good, you won't be able to use them. In solo mode, the aliens give you a nice run for your money... troopers and hunters regenerate at absurd rates, but enforcers and fighters are on your side to help out. (Careful, though... there are enough enforcers that friendly fire is a real hazard.)
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(53 Kb)

Bryce 4 Scenes

Various scenes I've created in Bryce 4. They're best used as desktop backgrounds (be warned, they're big: 1024x768)

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