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My car! It's a 1993 Toyota Corolla SE hatchback. 1.6L, 4-cylinder twin-cam, automatic. I've gotten rid of the stock 13" wheels (which had retread tyres on them, ick) and replaced them with a set of 15x6.0" Speedy Wheels Hyperfang Silver mags and 195/50 Michelin Pilot Preceda tyres. I've also got an engine immobiliser and remote central locking.

The sound system has been upgraded from the standard equipment with a Clarion DRB3475 deck and speakers. When I get the time, inclination, and money, I'm going to put in some better speakers, and get one of those swanky Alpine decks that lets you plug your iPod in and control it from the head unit.

Next on the list of Things To Do™ is to get a better air filter and carburetter, to see if I can squeeze a few more kilowatts out of it. (I've decided I'm not going to get a new car after'd cost too much).