Thursday, 23rd September, 2004


Mood: amused
Music: Killing Breed - Cyberwarmachine - Scorngrain

<[info]virtualwolf> neck is SO stiff right now.
<[info]xenex> That's Satan. He'll do that when you listen to his music!


Mood: sore
Music: Slaughter Of Dreams - Chimera - Mayhem back and neck are really stiff from headbanging so much last night. ;)


Music: Down Again - The Impossibility Of Reason - Chimaira


Just got back from seeing Chimaira and In Flames.

First off was some local band whose name I didn't catch...they were quite good. Next was Chimaira, who FUCKING OWNED. They were even better than In Flames, IMHO.

I was right up the very front until about half-way through In Flames' set, when I decided a) it was too damn hot, and b) there were too many fucktards madly waving heads and arms around. ;)

Some dude came up to me and offered me $100 for my Dimmu Borgir "In Satan We Trust" jumper. :) I politely declined (it's one of my favourite tops ;)). And I bought two t-shirts, the tour ones for In Flames and Chimaira.

w00t! \m/

Saturday, 18th September, 2004


Mood: happy
Music: Better To Rain In Hell - Damnation & A Day - Cradle Of Filth

<Mr Burns>Excellent.</Mr Burns>

Heading over to my friend's house to get drunk and play Halo. :D


Mood: amused

Working on Saturday sucks. :(

On the bright side, I've whipped up another two usericons. :) (Although they break from the wolf theme).

Usericons )

Tuesday, 14th September, 2004


Mood: happy

Sweeeet. My 500GB HD arrived today. :D

500GB HD )

Also, I had a ridiculous tangle of cables and things last week, when I was copying things back and forth:

Cables, cables, everywhere! )

Monday, 13th September, 2004


Mood: ecstatic
Music: You're Better Off Dead - Hate Crew Deathroll - Children Of Bodom


I just got a call from the recruitment agency...they're giving me a payrise, from $19 to $23/hour!! :D :D

Thursday, 9th September, 2004


Mood: happy
Music: Cleansation - The Impossibility Of Reason - Chimaira

w00t! $1200 tax return. :D

And I'm going to spend about $800 of it on an 500GB external FireWire HD. :D My current 200GB drive only has 10GB left on it. :o

Monday, 6th September, 2004


Mood: bored
Music: Salva Me - Tears Laid In Earth - The 3rd And The Mortal

Whee, boredom.

Friday, 3rd September, 2004


Mood: happy
Music: Crown Of Worms - Countdown To Extinction (Remixed & Remastered 2004) - Megadeth

Woo. Friday Night Magic™ and drinks tonight. :D

Also, [info]darkjudicator, I'd better get a drunk SMS or several from you or there'll be trouble! ;)