Thursday 4th January, 2001
Ok, the site actually has a name now: Fallcyon. And as you can see, I've redesigned the title image.

The Oni section is nearly done.

Wednesday 3rd January, 2001
Added a shot from Britney's 'Stronger' video. The Oni subsection should be up later today.

And I'm designing a new title image for the site, and trying to think of a name :)

Monday 1st January, 2001

Sunday 31st December, 2000
I've added a bit to the Britney subsection: shots from videos. There's currently 3 there, although I hope to add more soon! :)

Sunday 31st December, 2000
Ok, the Marathon page is up, soon to be followed by the Oni one. And more sections will be added later :)

Saturday 30th December, 2000
Woo...the Files page is up, as is the Britney subsection. However, there's more coming Soon™ :)

Saturday 30th December, 2000
Wh00t. This is Beta 1 of my new website :) Over the course of the next few days, I'll put putting the various Files subsections up (hopefully ;))

And these colours look awesome...thanks Acrappa :)