Welcome to VirtualWolf's Place!

This is my place on the web. I redesigned this site recently, so it looks much better than before, and is easier to navigate around :) Things are being added constantly, so check back every now and again. And if you have any comments/criticisms don't hesitate to fire off an email!



Saturday 16th December, 2000
Two more desktop pictures, one Britney one Laetitia. Somewhat different from my others...take a look.

Thursday 14th December, 2000
Big update this time :) I've got a bunch of Britney images up...check 'em out in the Images section. There's 2 collages, and 3 individual desktops.

Saturday 2nd December, 2000
Sorry about the lack of updates ;) I've been getting back into painting my miniatures. Although I have created another neat desktop picture :) Check it out in the Images section.

Thursday 23rd November, 2000
Ok, the layout of my new map is done...it just needs testing :) Oh, and its got a name (although this might change) : "Dire Canyons". Its a 4-player Desert map.

Monday 20th November, 2000
I'm working on another Starcraft map...this one uses the Jungle tileset. I have no idea when I'll be finished :)

Monday 13th November, 2000
Oops! I completely forgot about the description for my Fortresses map! Its fixed now ;)

Friday 10th November, 2000
Woo! I've put up my first two Starcraft maps! :) As you can see, I've added a Starcraft Maps section to the navbar. Enjoy :)

Thursday 9th November, 2000


I've created two rather cool Starcraft maps, which I'll put up Soon™ ;) They need some more testing first.

And I'm currently in the process of learning how to program in C++...although its gonna be a *looong* time before I actually make a program that does something even remotely useful ;)

Monday 6th November, 2000
I've put a bunch of my older websites online. Check them out in my Resume section :)

Wednesday 1st November, 2000
I've updated my Sung Hi Lee collage...I found a better picture to replace the one in the bottom right :)

20:30, Tuesday 31st October, 2000
Whoot! VW's Place is now completely finished! :D Check out all the Files sections. Comments/criticisms? Email me!!

Tuesday 31st October, 2000
Welcome to the new-look VW's Place!! You'll notice that the Files section is now split into its separate sections, instead of being all clumped together on one page.

The Images section is done, but the others aren't yet. They'll be finished either later today or tomorrow (They're up now, there's just nothing in them ;)).

And I've created a far better collage of Sung Hi Lee, which replaces the old one. Check it out in the Images section :)~

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