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Welcome to VirtualWolf's Place!

This is my place on the web. There's not that much here, but the fact that I'm in the middle of doing my final exams for high school might have something to do with it ;) The Files section contains various things...have a look for yourself :) If you have any comments or criticisms, don't hesitate to fire off an email!



Monday 30th October, 2000
Added a collage of Sung Hi Lee to the Files section. Enjoy ;)

I'm thinking of re-designing this site, to make it easier to update 'n' stuff. Details soon (maybe) :)

Sunday 29th October, 2000
I've put up another old website of mine: Infinity. You'll notice that there's a new link at the bottom of this page to the News Archives. At the end of each month I'll move that month's news into the Archives.

Thursday 26th October, 2000
I did my Computer Studies exam today...it was harder than I expected, but I still should go quite well :) Maths was yesterday...ugh :( It was hard.

I've added another section to the Files page: Stuff That Rocks, and I've decided that the section names will be in alphabetical order from now on. Just so you don't get confuse0red ;)

Monday 23rd October, 2000
I've created two more collages of Laetitia Casta. Check 'em out in the Files section (and remember, drool isn't good for your keyboard ;))

Sunday 22nd October, 2000
All I can say is...WOW. I was using the MacOS X Public Beta and managed to launch 60 applications...click here for more details ;)

I've added a new section to the Files page: Assorted Tidbits. Its for stuff that doesn't fit in the existing catagories.

Saturday 21st October, 2000
The Marathon Maps section is up! I've also put another website up in the Online Resume section: Realm of the Wolf. The very site that this one replaced, actually :) Oh, and I removed the text in my Laetita Casta collage cuz it looked rather tacky ;)

Friday 20th October, 2000
YAHOOOOOOOO! No more English ever again!! :D Next exam up is Maths...wish me luck ;)

The Files section is coming along nicely.

Update@21:51: the Files section is up! Its not quite finished yet...all that remains is to add my Marathon maps and some of my older websites.

Saturday 14th October, 2000
Whoot...VW's Place is online :) This is the first website I've made since June! The Files section will be coming soon. Enjoy! ;)

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