Note: this is only a list of the best of my maps. The ones not included here can be downloaded from the Marathon Archives or The Mill.

Unfortunately, the Marathon Archives are down, so not all maps are available :-(

 Myth II Maps

Map Name Description Supported
Realm of The VirtualWolf Realm of The VirtualWolf was inspired by El Bastard's I'll S'pht On Your Grave conversion. It uses Marathon textures, has four starting locations and supports most netgame types. LMoTH, StB, Flag Rally, Captures, Terries, BC, KoTH, BoP, Scavenger Hunt

 Marathon Maps

Map Name Description Marathon
Blood and Steel
Blood and Steel is an arena-style netmap. It includes aliens for solo romping, and supports up to 8 players. Tempus Irae EMfH, KoTH, KTMwtB, Solo
Spurious Interrupt This map is set on a Pfhor space station, where a civil war has broken out. Large-ish, supports up to 8 players and all netmodes, including aliens for solo romping. EVIL EMfH, KoTH, KTMwtB, Solo
Silent Fear The last in a series of three small netmaps, this one using the Sewage texture set. Despite it's size (or lack thereof), it supports up to 8 players. EVIL EMfH, KoTH, KTMwtB, Solo
Blazing Hatred The second of my "pocket netmaps". Uses the lava texture set, supports up to 8 players. EVIL EMfH, KoTH, KTMwtB, Solo
Crushed Hope The first small netmap I've ever made :-) It uses the Water texture set, and like all my other maps, supports up to 8 players. EVIL EMfH, KoTH, KTMwtB, Solo
Plague Map Pack
EVIL / Infinity
Contains 4 large maps. All support up to 8 players, all netmodes and solo fun. EVIL/Infinity EMfH, KoTH, KTMwtB, Solo
Lunacy Cubed Yet another large map, this one has modified physics. Supports up to 8 players, and all netmodes. Solo, too. Infinity EMfH, KoTH, KTMwtB, Solo