Watery Graves
Welcome to Watery Graves.

Recent happenings :

Tuesday, 17th August
Watery Graves is going to be replaced by another, as yet unnamed, site. I'm getting back into making Marathon maps, so this new site will have both Marathon maps and Myth II Plugins.

Sunday, 25th July
Watery Graves might not be updated for a while, as I'm fiddling around with natural-looking colour maps for Myth II. So far, they're going quite well :-)

Thurday, 21st July
Welcome to Watery Graves! Previous visitors may notice that the site looks exactly the same, albiet with different graphics. The HTML literate, however, may notice that I'm using stylesheets now, and a better version of the Javascript rollover images. To get the most out of this site, use a Version 4.x browser.

Enjoy :-)

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