Realm of The Wolf
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Welcome to the Realm of The Wolf.

Recent happenings :

Monday, 19th July, 1999
I've started work on another map, although I have no idea what it'll be called or when it'll be finished. Unfortunately, school starts tomorrow, which means my map might not be out for a while :\

Thursday, 8th July, 1999
Another update to Realm of The VirtualWolf! :-) Version 1.2 has a larger hill, and ammo dumps scattered around the place.

Wednesday, 7th July, 1999
Realm of The VirtualWolf has been updated! :-) It now sports two meshes (light and dark), and the unit selection has been revised. Enjoy :-)

Monday, 28th June, 1999
Realm of The VirtualWolf is completed! :-) Head to the Plug-Ins page to download it.

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