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Wednesday, 23/12/98:

PfhorNet probably won't be updated for quite some time, for a couple of reasons:
Firstly, Christmas is coming up, and secondly, I'm rediscovering my Myth addiction, and have had to trash almost everything on my HD to fit the full install in :)

Oh, and I may or may not put up a Myth site :)

Friday, 18/12/98:
With the apparent loss of marathon.org, many of the maps on my Maps page can't be accessed anymore. Fortunately, RuGGeR's Tavern is now starting to host maps, so I'll upload them there, although it might be a little while before they're all up.

Also, my new Plague Map Pack v2.0 for EVIL is done! Unfortunately, I can't get a link to download it yet... :(

Saturday, 5/12/98:
I'm revamping my Plague Map Pack specifically for Marathon Evil. The old version still had an Infinity physics model merged in it. PMP v2.0 for Evil will have better terminals, and a better plot (although its still based on PMP Infinity). I can't say when I'll be finished, but if its not before Christmas, don't expect for a good couple of weeks after that ;)
Wednesday, 2/12/98:
Spurious Interrupt v1.2 has been released. It fixes a couple of problems and adds more ammo. Download it from here.
Friday, 27/11/98:
I've started work on a new Marathon Evil netmap, temporarily named Bunker Assault, and I have no idea when it'll be finished.
Sunday, 22/11/98:
Spurious Interrupt v1.1 has been released. Download it from here.

The Links section is up.

Thanks to RuGGeR's Tavern for posting an article about PfhorNet :)

Saturday, 21/11/98:
I'm currently working on version 1.1 of Spurious Interrupt. I can't say when I'll be done, but it should be within the next couple of days.
Friday, 20/11/98:
As you can see, I've redesigned PfhorNet, so its easier on the eye, and it looks better anyway :) None of the links to other pages are up yet, so I can work on it at my own pace, instead of rushing to finish it.

In case you missed it before, I've released a new map called "Spurious Interrupt". Its an 8-player netmap that supports all types of netplay plus solo romping. Download it from here.

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