Welcome to PfhorNet.

I will be adding more things as time goes by, so keep checking back for updates!


What's New

Thurday, 19th November 1998
New map! "Spurious Interrupt" is a large-ish Marathon Evil netmap, with aliens for solo carnage. Download it now :-)

Monday, 9th November 1998
OK, you can download Lunacy Cubed from this link. Enjoy, and please send me comments and your net films!!

Thursday, 5th November 1998
I have created a new map, called "Lunacy Cubed". Its a netmap, and you can read the rest in the readme ;-) Until the Marathon section is up, go here to download it. Unfortunately, I can't seem to be able to upload it :-( So just hang on there ;-)

Tuesday, 20th October 1998
PfhorNet will probably be updated even less now, as I'm back at school :-(

Saturday, 10th October 1998
PfhorNet won't be updated for while, as I'm devoting my time to the Marathon Ry'ada scenario, of which I am a member.

Tuesday, 6th October 1998
I've resized the background so it should look right on all resolutions :-)

Oh, and the holidays were great fun too! We had target practice with my uncle's rifles, and went roaring around the farm on an ATV (All Terrain Vehicle). :-)

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