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Welcome to my lair.

Within, you will find stories of The Fallen Lords, of futuristic worlds and galaxies, twelve Avatara, eleven myrmidons, ten fetid thrall, nine angry fetch, eight rampant trow, seven kegs of Ale, six drunken dwarves, five journeymen, four nasty ghols, three Fir'bolg arrows, two dead berserks and a warrior in a mud pit.

These are my Tales. Read and enjoy...


Monday 22nd June, 1998
Tales is going to receive some major surgery within the next few weeks, and there may not be many updates either, as there are several major assignments to do for school for the School Certificate.

Oh, and it might get renamed AGAIN ;)

Tuesday 9th June, 1998
I'm starting a fantasy story entitled "The Stormcaller". And I'm thinking of redoing several parts of this site. It'll still be called "Tales" though :)

Sunday 7th June, 1998
Once again, I've remade and renamed my site. I think it should be better than its predecessor, but then, I say that about all of my sites ;)

Anyway, I've written an Escape Velocity Override story entitled "The Rebellion". Its in the Stories section. Depending on my mood and the amount of metal earthquakes I have, I may or may not write a second part to it. Enjoy :)

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