Here are the links to my favourite Myth sites.

Enjoy! :-)


The Myth Codex
This is the one of the best Myth sites in existance. They have all the latest news, interviews, the new Code of Chivalry, the map editors when they come out and lots lots more. A must visit!

The Voracious Rabbits/FutureMyth
The Voracious Rabbits is another must visit site. Like the Myth Codex, they have the latest news, plus they have a Humor section and are hosting the Future Myth Forums.

The Gates of Covenant
The Gates of Covenant is a great site. They have strategy guides for the newbies, a film archive, interviews and a whole heap more. YAMV! (Yet Another Must Visit!) ;-)

The Myth Developer
This site is wonderful for all of us who can't wait for the level editors to come out to make our own maps. Its still growing, and already has some nifty little tools :-)