This section contains links to Myth addons, like the MythDark Patch and some handy little utilities (none of them made by me of course ;-) BTW, except for the MythDark patch, they're all Mac files.

MythDark Patch [Mac] [PC]
This basically patches your tags.gor file so you can play Myth as the Dark side :-)

Its heaps o' fun playing as the bad guys for once :-)

Marathon Data Extractor
This nifty little utility can extract the texture map data from the .gor files and turn it into something useful. Beware, however, its a little buggy ;-) I haven't found the link for it yet :-(

Myth Inspector
This application will make a list of all the different data types in your tags.gor and artsound.gor files and output it into a text file. It gives the offset, length and data type. A must have program for those of you that are into modifying tags.gor or making plugins.