Below is a list of links to my favourite (and the best) Marathon sites.

Marathon Central
Well, what can I say? The name says it all :-)

Marathon Hyperarchive [Northwest] [Midwest]
These two sites have between them everything a Marathon addict could want. You name it, they've got it. Maps, physics, utilities, scenarios, shapes patches, sound patches, new music, Marathon Mag, the lot. I could happily spend hours downloading things from these sites :-)

Marathon Evil Homepage
The Offical Homepage of Project: Curse. Marathon Evil is the sequal to Frigidman's Infinity Scenario "Seige of Nor'Korh." Marathon Evil adds new monsters, shapes weapons and sounds and it kicks serious ass :-)

Frigidman's Marathon Maps
The home of The Master of Mapmaking. Download his maps and see how a professional makes 'em :-)