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This site was formerly known as The Dire Marsh, but since it now incorporates elements of Marathon, I've renamed it. If you want to email me about any of my maps or stories, you can reach me at this address.


Wednesday 22nd April, 1998
Updt: 8:40 PM AEST
Part 2 of The Fall is finished!

I've completed Part 2 of my Myth Story The Fall. Enjoy! :-)

Mythed 1.0a2 is here!
Mythed is a really nifty little tool for creating plugins for Myth. Head over to the Mythed Site and download it! (PowerMac only).

Tuesday 21st April, 1998
Updt: 3:45 PM AEST
Starting Part II of The Fall

Sorry about the lack of updates, but I've been having some problems with my modem :-( I've started work on the second part of The Fall. It should be done within about a week or so.

Wednesday 15th April, 1998
Updt: 1:25 PM AEST
Navigation Bar changed!

I've changed the look of the Navbar, and I think it looks much better than the old one :-) I've added a Misc section, but nothing is linked to it yet as I haven't got anything to put in it.

Tuesday 14th April, 1998
Updt: 6:45 PM AEST
Possible Navigation Bar change

I'm thinking of redoing the Navbar because its kinda boring right now ;-) Also, I might put up a step by step guide for making Myth plugins. Bear in mind that this is a might.

Monday 13th April, 1998
Updt: 3:40 PM AEST
New Images

I've been playing around in Photoshop lately, and the image at the top of each page are the results :-) Email me and tell me what you think!

Sunday 12th April, 1998
Updt: 6:20 PM AEST
Site almost finished!

Most things are finished, but there might not be Marathon stories up for a little while. As you can see from the name change and the navigation bar, I've been doing some stuff with Marathon recently. The Tales section houses my Marathon Stories; Maps has download links to the Marathon Infinity and Marathon Evil maps I've created, and the Links section speaks for itself.

I've finished the first part of a new Myth story entitled The Fall. I'm planning on adding a new part every week or so.

In the Myth Addons section, I have links to 3rd party addons, and (when they come out), links to sites where you can download the Map Editors. I'm going to try to update this site more often, but its kind of hard sometimes because of school. and because there are times where there isn't much going on.

All in all, the UESC Computer Net should be much better than my previous creations :-)

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