Welcome to The Dire Marsh!
This site is dedicated to my Myth Tales, but soon I will have a guide to Hex editing up. The Dire Marsh is still under construction, and the Miscellaneous section probably won't be up for a little while. If you're looking for Myth news, try either the Myth Codex or The Gates of Covenant (preferably both ;-) Enjoy!



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Tuesday 24th March 1998
7:20 pm AEDST- Nice new main image!

I've been experimenting with layers in Photoshop, and this is my result :-) The image at the top of this page is smaller and loads faster than its predecessor, and looks much better too :-)

Work experience has been great so far, and I'll be doing it until this Friday.

Sunday 22nd March 1998
6:30 pm AEDST- Assignments/Work Experience

Once again, the site might not be updated for the next week or so. I still have several assignments to do for school, and tomorrow I have work experience.

Monday 16th March 1998
7:30 am AEDST- Tale of Weirdness

A few days ago, I was playing a game on Dire Marsh, and realised it was snowing! I had been hexing it, and forgot to back the 65fx file up. So I excused myself from the game, downloaded the .bin Mac version of the 1.2 Updater from Bungie's FTP, and installed it.
Well, imagine my surprise when I log onto b.net and there are only 2 rooms: one called Plain of Scales, and the other was something in latin!! I reinstalled Myth from the CD, then updated it, and everything is back to normal. Check out a screenshot of it here.

Wednesday 11th March 1998
7:50 am AEDST- Started another Myth Tale

I've started on another Myth Tales, this one is called "Death in The Dire Marsh" ;-) Don't expect it to be out for another week or so, because I've got lotsa assignments and tests for school to do :-(

Monday 9th March 1998
I've redone the site yet again, but this should be the last major change for the time being. The name change was inspired by Indigo's Gates of Covenant page :-)
The Links section has been replaced by the World Knot (name borrowed from the Myth Codex ;-). The Myth Stories section has been renamed Tales of The Fallen. Also added is a Miscellaneous section, which will house all the little tidbits I have, like the Hex Editing Guide I've put together from various sources, although it will be a few days before its up. Oh, BTW "AEDST" stands for Australian Eastern Daylight Savings Time, just in case you were wondering ;-)