What is all this rubbish?

This is a collection of most of my old websites from over the years. They're all almost exactly as they were originally, other than some minor tweaks to get the links working properly in this format. The later PHP-based sites required a little more modification since they were mostly originally written under PHP 3, and the databases that backed some of these sites are long-gone so there's a number of pages that just don't work or are blank. I've been able to recover almost all the Marathon maps and so the majority of the download links for them work. Sadly, the lone Myth II map I created appears to have been lost to the æther.

There's a number of simple images instead of the full site from 2001–2011 because I was writing everything in PHP by that point and didn't keep separate source files for each site. I still have the Photoshop designs for them, but would just save the images out and use the same base PHP that was already on the webserver. Several of the sites from this period that I've recovered were done so by way of The Wayback Machine and manually fixing up the HTML. They were primarily displaying just my LiveJournal anyway, which has since been migrated to Wordpress. The links marked with † are simply PNG exports of the original Photoshop design.

2011 is when I started putting everything into Subversion (now moved to Git) and so I have a proper record of everything from then on. The site listings stop at 2012 because I rewrote it all using the Perl web framework Mojolicious in mid-2012, it was rewritten again over the course of 2016 using Sails.js, but the functionality and look has remained mostly identical since that first rewrite in 2012. The only obvious changes in look were to the default theme, and the old themes can all be accessed via the Settings page anyway.